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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week Five: The Flips

Last weeks sample source was:

Stelvio Cipriani - Cani Arrabbiati (Opening Title)

Salt - Hung Up

Generously donated by Mr. Mass

First, my man PSY/OPSogist wins this week. Big up dunny!!
This week only had 8 entries. Perhaps you are scared? One of the main reasons for doing this, besides the babes, booze, bud, and bank, was to try shit I normally wouldn't. Y'all should too.
And now for the bad news guys (and gals perhaps), I’m putting this joint on hold for a week. I want to finish up the website and get that thing correct and I have a lot of other shit to do, so I just wanted to take a break and make it right. If you have any questions or comments let me know and otherwise I’ll see you in a week.
And again, If you know any good places for tips and techniques for recording/sampeling/mixing/autofellatio, let me know.

And now for the beats...

music player
I made this music player at

Don't forget Swann's late ass beat which I can't get onto the player for some reason.

And Also, don't forget Ronin's tardy addition

B Logik's Flip "Dipset"
Used: Dipset

HaBlack's Flip "Mmm Salty"
Used: MPC1000 & 808 Boom

LR Hook's Flip "Evil Lurks"
Used: FL Studio 6 & Audition

Primus Maximus' Flip "I Reminisce... Emu SP-1200(88)"
Used: FL Studio 7.0.0

PSY/OPSogist's Flip "SLY opps OH jist"
Used: Reason & Ableton Live

Silence DoGood's Flip "Unpinnable"
Used: Ableton Live & Reason

Small Rob's Flip
Used: Fruity Loops 7 & Adobe Audition 3.0

Treebeats' Flip "Mrs Dash Brakes For Douches"
Used: Sound Forge 9(for chopping and EQing) & Acid 6(for the rest)

Unorthodox's Flip "Ninjas Versus Zombies"
Used: MPC 1000
DJ Swann's Flip "Salvia Circus"
Used: MPC 1000

Ronin Beatsmith the 6.4th Wonder's Flip "High Sodium"
Used: Some Stuff

All of the beats in one sexy package!!

And now for our panels thoughts:

Andrew's Thoughts:

Eric's Thoughts:

King E's Thoughts:

Max's Thoughts:
I don't know the regular beat contributors just simply got lazy last week, or if maybe they thought the songs chosen for the week sucked (I know I sure thought that), or maybe it's the fifteen entry limit that threw everyone off. While I have faith that some sort of happy medium will be reached soon, what we're left with are only ten fucking entries, six for the Italian joint and the remaining four sampling that Salt song. As such, not a lot to choose from, so I'll forego the top ten, because really, what's the point?

In regard to the Cipriani flips, LR Hook's take on the subject takes the cake, eats it, and shits all over everyone else (at least in my humble opinion), with the type of uber-sinister sound that I wasn't expecting to hear at all. PSY/OPSogist also gets a nod, especially since the first half of his contribution sounds like I'm on safari in fucking Brooklyn; B Logik, semi-professional producer extraordinaire, gets the third spot for being consistently, um, consistent with his work.

In regard to Salt's song, I only really liked one of the entries, so my accolades go to Primus Maximus for making the sample sound bearable (I really didn't like this song). But overall, the Italian sounds trump all four of the Salt flips anyway.

I have to go see a horse about a man. Until next time, kids.

Mike's Thoughts:

Travis' Thoughts:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week Four: The Flips

Last weeks sample source was:
Grant Green - We've Only Just Begun
generously donated by King E

Alright fuckers,
I'm working on the new site, if there are any of you that are talented web wise and want to help out, let me know. If you know anyone who is talented, let me know. A little something different this week. Not one, but two, yes two options to choose from. Also, only 15 cats per sample so, first come first served bitches. They are generously donated by MR. Mass over at Masscorporation so stop by and say "merci". The first is a track from an Italian film that has endless possibilities for flipage and the next one is Salt's "Hung Up" which some of you will recognize from Brain Freeze and for those of you that fuck with beats your world is open. I figure that to make it interesting, you can use what you want on the Hung Up track but you have to use the beat. Let me know what you guys think.
Just to clarify… Anyone can download the sample. I want everyone to download the sample. Test yourself. Try something different. What I’m limiting to 15 is the received beats. So after I’ve received 15 beats for any given sample, I’ll let you know on here that it’s full. If this is unclear or if you have any other questions let me know..
Pace. .

And now for the beats...

He's Hers' Flip "The Truth"
Used: Goldwave, Fruity Loops & Black, Rock & Ron.

Primus Maximus' Flip "The Beginning Of What"
Used: FL Studio 7.0.0 , Adobe Audition 3.0

Arch Beatz' Flip "Intelligent Tete-a-Tete"
Used: FL Studio & Audition

Straight Out The Congo's Flip
Used: FL Studio & Audacity

Used: Akai MPC 4000

PSY/OPSogist's Flip "1408 Atmospheric Mix"
Used: Reason & Ableton Live

Bace135's Flip "New Beginings"
Used: Audacity, Reason, ReCycle & a Midi Keyboard

Beat Banga's Flip "Gang Green"
Used: Fruity Loops, Sound Forge, & ReCycle

Beats By The Pound's Flip "Believe Me"
Used: Fruity Loops

Prince Will's Flip "A.D.D. Affliction"
Used: Acoustica mp3 mixer and FL Studio 4

Illa's Flip "Grant's Greenery"
Used: Stuff

King AdBeck's Flip "Lunar Eclipse"
Used: Acid 6.0

Treebeats' Flip "Golgo 13"
Used: Acid & Sound Forge
Notes: Again not finished but it's all for the good of the site.

Silence DoGood's Flip "I Had Only Just Begun"
Used: Ableton Live & Reason

RZR' Flip
Used: Cool Edit & Reason

B Logik's Flip "Sunshine"
Used: Acid 6

Scotty Nevers' Flip "Green Giant"
Used: FL 6 & Audition

Newstar Productionz' Flip "Fish Tank"
Used: Fruity Loops

Turkish's Flip
Used: Audition and FL Studio 6

Vintage's Flip "Just Begun"
Used: Fruityloops

Wallsauce's Flip "Beautiful Day"
Used: Stuff

3Am's Flip "Getting Green"
Used: Stuff

All of the beats in one sexy package!!

And now for our panels thoughts:
Treebeats' Thoughts:

I’m going to be on the panel just in case, in the rare occurrence of sucktitude, they “forget” to post. I also want to say that it’s a forgone conclusion that my beat was the best. What with the unfinished second half, a beat so papery thin it could be oragamied into a swan and lack of bass line, it’s pretty much a gimme. However, in the interest of fairness I will not consider it in this review.
Now, while this seems like an odd segue, a lot of you guys need some help with mixing shit down. One of the best things you can invest in is a shitty pair of speakers and once you’ve mixed everything down in your headphones with a huge dynamic range or your $300 studio monitors mix it again to those. If it sounds good on shitty speakers, it will probably sound good anywhere. Plus it’s cheap.
The sample this week was hard to flip without sounding like a horrible pile acid jazz aural vomit. I went through 2 incarnations before I didn’t finish the third. A lot of you flipped the same guitar part, I did too, but it took a special dopeness to make it fresh. A lot of the beats were in a similar level of dopeness because of this. This is where originality stands above.
Last thing before I give my top 10, I like chopping as much as the next guy. But when you beat sounds like a lot of chops rather than a cohesive track it gets distracting and irritating to listen to.
Here’s my top 10

1. Illa – Grants Greenery
My favorite of the bunch. He tweaked this shit to the point of it not really sounding like Grant Green anymore and the bass line rolls along quite nice. I’d like to have sexy time to this song with a buxom woman with braids.
2. PSY/OPSogist – 1408 Atmospheric Mix Once again PSY took some acid and created some music. This isn’t a track I can hear anyone rhyming on. This isn’t a track I’d want to hear anyone rhyming on. He, once again, makes a complete composition that requires codeine and cough syrup to fully understand and enjoy. I mean that in the best way possible.
3. Vintage – Just Begun This dude is fucking nasty. The track is dope and he made some sort of complaint about tweaking the sample and it not sounding right, it sound pretty dope to me.
4. B Logik – Sunshine B comes through again with a dope track. He is case and point about chopping shit up with out it sounding all over the place. Consistently one of my favorite producers.
5. Prince Will – A.D.D Infliction Will uses a lot of layers in his work affectively. I like the way the bass line marches along on this joint. And, Most importantly, it has an intermission, which oddly is my favorite part of the track but it’s good overall.
6. Straight Out The Congo – Untitled Again, SOTC makes a good track, while this one borders that dangerous crevasse that tumbles into crappy muzak it remains on terra firma with nice work on the guitar.
7. He’s Hers – The Truth Besides a slew of myspace friends, my man has some pretty tight beats. Plus the fact that he has God and Black, Rock, and Ron in his arsenal (some may think they a synonymous) he makes well-constructed tracks
8. 3 am – Getting Green Pretty simple track but that works sometimes. This is one of those times. The guitar work is nice and repetitive without getting monotonous with subtle changes here and there.
9. Primus – The Beginning of What Nice guitar work and the bass line isn’t my favorite bass tone but sounds good enough. Plus I think any time something is put through a delay in a track it makes it better. That and preverb. There’s none of the letter here.

10. DJ Cid – Positive Vibrations Instrumental While I liked the track itself, I hated the guy talking in the back. It sounded like Perez Hilton dictating his final paper for Metaphysics 101. Dope track besides that though. Nice drum work.


Andrew's Thoughts:

Eric's Thoughts:

King E's Thoughts:
Man, this week was hard as fuck!!! I thought I was gonna be overly critical this week cause I loved flipping this sample myself and the beat I made is one of my favorites I’ve ever made. But everyone really stepped up and crushed it this week. It was really hard picking just 10!!

And I before I get down on the list I wanna just remind everyone that I listen to these and actually pick them based on my feelings as a hip hop fan first, then once I narrow my 10 down, I look at them from a technical stand point.

10. Beats By The Pound, love the "nano-chops" homie!! using real fine chops like that is rarely done well, let alone THAT well. Also (to quote my main man Crash) your "high hat game is crazy".

9. DJ Cid, just a fly ass hip hop beat son. I liked how you weren't afraid to keep some of the original melody. Far to many cats seem to move away from the melody that caught their ear in the first place. Sometimes it’s refreshing to a little bit of the original melody shine through. Props.

8. B Logik, just a lovely flip man. Dope beat, nice drums, stepped up the bassline progressively over the weeks. I just dig the way you make beats homie

7. CONGO!!!! That melody you created is the shit holmes. You just make beats that I like to listen to man. You need to find some emcees and fast. Get out there homie. (you would have been much higher this week, but your bottom end was a little light, mad props anyways)

6. Scotty Nevers, to be honest I wasn't feeling this one at first. Then the second half came in and you won me over in a big way. The second half is mad nice man. Same as Congo though, your bottom end is a little weak. Dope shit though! Stick around man.

5. Vintage... What can I say? You do what you do and its always nice man. Period

4. Turkish, this beat is fly as shit man. It’s a layed back take on the drum and basslines that I’ve come to expect from you. I really wish there was a longer beat though. That break up at the end had me mad hype and then it just stopped. Daaaaamn!!! I want to hear this beat in its entirety.

3. Treebeats, love this joint man. The strongest beat I’ve heard from you yet. Dope chops, the break is cut up nicely, the panning work is real fresh to. All around dopeness.

1/2 tie....

Illa is my dude and this beat is a perfect example of why. Super chilled out, roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit beat! Your originality and your ear are really second to none. I be checkin for you a whole lot more than you think man. (that break in the middle is incredible by the way). Overall, nicest mixed/engineered track this week to.

He’s Hers - The Truth is just that... The truth. This is some Webster’s dictionary text book grassroots hip hop for hip hop's sake type of shit. This is the shit to me. Done the way I like to listen to it. The vocal samples are really fucking choice to man. Can't wait to hear more from this dude.

Again, everyone’s shit was real ill this week. Mad props to all. Fuck all those cock suckers that say hip hop is dead. It’s alive and well, its just underground with us, where it should be.

On that note, I’d like to take a minute to thank Treebeats for hooking this up. I really enjoy doing this (even though I’m mad late all the time. Responsibilities are a mofo man). Bottom line is this: on a weekly basis we all bear witness to the next generation great producers. When all the Pete Rocks, DJ Premiers, and DITCs are gone... We'll be standing there in their place. And in my humble opinion, that’s not bad thought.

Stay on your grind, be creative, and keep it timeless.

Max's Thoughts:
Whenever I finally get around to hearing the beats, what I try to do is listen to the source material first, so at least I can try to pick out the song elements in th eflips that follow. This week, everyone took Grant Green's version of "It's Only Just Begun", which to me sounded like fucking muzak, so it shouldn't be that hard to turn it into something good, right?

If it were that easy, then I would have done it myself.

So, once again, much respect to the contributors. I didn't like every single beat presented to me, but everyone gets an "A" for participation. This time around, I didn't have a clear favorite, so this list is subjective: my number one beat is simply the one I liked the most at the moment I was writing my notes.

1. Prince Will - This beat rocks! Although I could have done without the vocal sample looping the word "intermission" over and over again.

2. DJ Cid - I liked the David Holmes-type feel , what with the dialogue almost running through the entire instrumental.

3. PSY/OPsogist - Is it cheating that he also used The Carpenters's version of "It's Only Just Begun"? Well played, sir.

4. Vintage - Probably the most accessible beat presented here for someone to actually rhyme to.

5. Beats By The Pound - Nickname aside (it conjures up images of the No Limit tank, which is not pleasing to me), this beat is enjoyable as shit.

6. Bace135 - Very interesting work. Sorry, that's all I got.

7. Straight Out The Congo - I picture this guy releasing an instrumental album in the vein of a DJ Shadow/RJD2 knockoff exclusively on and selling eighteen copies. No, that's actually a complement.

8. Illa - Reminiscent of early Pete Rock, before he discovered his hard-hitting drums and horns. Good, but a bit monotone: I kept waiting for the beat to switch up a little.

9. King AdBeck - I have to give credit where it is due: this beat sounds completely different from everyone else's flips.

10. Treebeats - Contains the best drums of all of the beats presented this week.

That's it, I'm fucking exhausted. Good luck next week.

Mike's Thoughts: Hello. In case you were wondering, i didn't show up last week because I'm extremely busy, but by extremely busy, I mean, I've developed a crippling addiction to Call of Duty 4, and I have no spare time for internet life. Unless you got a G36 assault rifle in my face yelling GRANNNAAAAADAAAA, I could give a fuck right about now. Plus I've been recording my amazing podcast which you should all check out. I did listen to last week's beats though, and if memory serves, I had B-Logik ahead on the scorecards. Anyway, on to this weeks beats:

1. PSy/OPSogist - PSY/OPS always has home team advantage from my perspective because he's from my section of the internet world wide web, so everyone else is basically a dirty foreigner to me. It pained me not to place him first for the past few weeks, but he's back on top.

2. Primus Maximus - I thought this was going to be another PSy/OPS - B Logik one two punch for me, but Primus Maximus snuck in there with a straight up menacing beat. Outside of Travis, no one else even ranked the dude which leads me to believe that they didn't get his beat or something. Seriously, WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR EARS GUYS???

3. B-Logik - At this point, this dude is like he New England Patriots of this dumb blog. Well, I guess more like the Colts. Always on top somewhere.

4. Prince Will - I'm glad to hear this guy leave the Myspace promo bullshit off of this track and just let it flow like a nicely held in stream of urine after a 5 hour road trip with no bathroom break.

5. Straight Out The Congo - Congo shows his sensitive side with this nice little breezy beat. It totally contrasts the blistering fucking cold that's right outside of my window as I type this.

6. DJ Cid - I don't know who this guy is, but the hippie public speaker vocal sample really pushes this one over the top for me. Dudes talking about vibes is always ridiculous.

7. Newstar Productionz - I like this because I don't even know if he used the grant Green sample. It's just a bunch of weird underwater sounds from Atlantis. Dude needs Namor to rip a verse on here.

8. Kind Adbeck - I like tracks when it's just like 9 thousand different drums and basses.

9. Wallsauce - Wallsauce wins for name of the week and also the beat that sounds most like something you would hear on a real rappers record.

10. Tree Beats - This is kind of like Congo's beat but more skittish. I always imagine Tree as a real jittery dude, so this makes sense.

Travis' Thoughts:

I first heard this sample while at my boys house, half drunk last week. We played around with it (read: he played around with it, I just sat there and drank my Hurricane high gravity malt liquor and acted like Flavor Flav), and again, I thought there was some interesting pieces to sample but not a lot of variety to flip. He wasn't to happy with what he had to work with and I can understand why. Then I started playing this weeks submissions. Honestly, if I ever hear this song again, it'll be too fuckin' soon. I woke up this morning with this damn song in my head. Truth be told, about half of the beats pretty much all sounded the same. I had to go back and re listen to shit just to remember who did what. I haven't had to do that in the past weeks. I can't really blame it on the producers themselves, but man....this week was one of the toughest ones. That being said, there was thirteen STRONG tracks again. Three tracks I really wanted to fit in the top 10 but just couldn't, two of them didn't make it because they were just really too short to get a good feeling. Sorry, but I think we need more than 40 seconds to get a full grasp of stuff. It's like turning in a short loop and calling it good. Like Pamela Anderson on a boat, we just need more to get a good feeling. These top ones that made it just added more to the beat. They tweaked it differently, or added some extra spice to it. They stood out is what I'm trying to say. There was also a couple that made it that did the same as the rest, but they just did it better. Overall, while I still would rather never hear this song again, the attempts were good.

1. B Logik - I'm going to suggest to our faithful leader that maybe next week he sends the beats as mere numbers instead of attaching names. I'm not saying the names are corrupting my thought logic, but I'm starting to have certain artists that I like and I don't want that to influence anything. Even so, B Logik did it again. This shit was just so silky smooth. I just thought it all just flowed together, the little bell shit, the guitar loop part, it all just fit like a big jigzaw puzzle that had soft silky satin corners.

2. He's Hers - See what I'm saying about the names? I picked dude first last week as did everyone else. This week he is right there again. But in my book this cat deserves it. Again, he flipped just tad differently. The same elements were there, but he just did it differently. A nice tight package that just had it all for me.

3. Illa - A new cat to the competition and a welcomed new comer. This was smooth as well, but a different kind of smooth than B Logik's. I'm not a producer so I'm not going to know and use all the technical terms, but I dug the feel and sound of this. I can definitely see someone spitting over this. It's a rhyming beat compared to "song" beat. If you feel where I'm coming from. Great first time effort.

4. PSY/OpSogist - I dug this a lot. Looking back on it, I could almost see this being right up there in first or second. I looooooved the opening part after the 21 second market. I just thought that was a great interpretation of the sample. This was probably the beat with the best done creativity. I'm a firm believer in just because something is different doesn't mean it's necessarily mean it's good (Danger Doom album, Deltron 3000, most of Madlib's stuff for example), but dude pulled it off excellently. Another producer I'm starting to watch.

5. Straight Out The Congo - Another beautiful beat, and an example of just how strong the top 10 was. This beat could have easily been first or second and if someone votes that way, I won't argue with them. Congo flipped it in a different way as well. It's on some smooth shit as well, which I guess is about the only way you can tweak the beat on this.

6. Primus Maximus - Dude interpreted this totally different than anyone else, which gets extra brownie points in my book. I also really dug the g-funk sounding bassline. I liked the chamber echo sounds he used as well, the simple string guitar sample. I just really liked everything about this, but not so much that it moved up real high. Hard to explain, but still a damn good beat.

7. Mike Healy - The first time I heard this one I was doing cartwheels over it. Then the next four or five times, it kind of got less exciting. I liked the sounds and how he flipped it, but there is just something lacking there. Again, I'm not a producer, so I'm not totally sure what its lacking. None the less, despite my bitching, I liked it enough to be in the top 10.

8. Wallsauce - I want to hear someone rhyme of this, cause this is one of those beats that, while its great on its own, I think it'd sound even better with an accomplished rhyme layer on the top of it (uhhh, yeah). I love the strings, I'm big on strings anyway, but what he did with them was excellent. The little horn thing was nice touch as well.

9. Treebeats - I wanted to leave him off the top 10 last week just for calling me a douche bag last week, but ninth was as far as I could let him slip. Tree has lots of little things going on in his beats and I'm a sucker for that. It's busy, but not too busy that it sounds like a bunch of gargled noises. But he did use that part of the sample that I really would rather shoot myself in the head than ever hear again.

10. tie DJ Cid & 3am - These two dudes were pretty close what ever one else did that didn't make the top 10, but they just did it better. They all used that damn guitar sample that everyone else used at nausea, but I just dug their attempts more. I also liked the little vocal sample thing that Cid just made it funny. 3am also sounded like everyone else from here on out (minus the two 40 second attempts that probably would have made it if I had more to judge) but it was done well.

Tune in next week when we use:

Stelvio Cipriani - Cani Arrabbiati (Opening Title)

Salt - Hung Up

Generously donated by Mr. Mass
Go grab it and make it def and fresh.

Now it's your turn. Vote!!! Make a comment about what you liked or didn't like. Make you're 1's and 0's heard!

this weeks sample(s)

Alright fuckers,
I'm still getting this weeks post together, but I wanted to put up this weeks source. A little something different this week. Not one, but two, yes two options to choose from. Also, only 15 cats per sample so, first come first served bitches. They are generously donated by MR. Mass over at Masscorporation so stop by and say "merci". The first is a track from an Italian film that has endless possibilities for flipage and the next one is Salt's "Hung Up" which some of you will recognize from Brain Freeze and for those of you that fuck with beats your world is open. I figure that to make it interesting, you can use what you want on the Hung Up track but you have to use the beat. Let me know what you guys think.

Stelvio Cipriani - Cani Arrabbiati (Opening Title)

Salt - Hung Up
Now go grab it and make it def and fresh!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

While we wait

I just got this in the inbox and thought I'd share it with y'all.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week Three: The Flips

Last weeks sample source was:
Bobby Patterson - I Get My Groove From You

Generously donated by Scholar

Again, we've got some new talent up in here. I'm still ironing out technical issues. If you have any comments, or suggestions feel free to voice them. I didn't get the chance to flip this one but there is ample talent to engage your aural palettes.


And now for the beats...

Primus Maximus' Flip "Something Special"
Used: FL Studio 7.0.0 , Adobe Audition 3.0

Jaymo's Flip "Maria De Medeiros"
Used: Reason & Audition

Straight Out The Congo's Flip
Used: FL Studio & Audacity

Suicide Music Limited's Flip "I Get A Thrill"
Used: Akai MPC 1000 (808 kit) and my voice.
Notes: I thought it would be more of a challenge if I didn't use any other samples besides the flip. I pulled the bass line up with a filter and let the horns loose.

PSY/OPSogist's Flip "What The World Needs Now Is Billy Jack"
Used: Reason & Ableton Live

Army Of Dancebots' Flip "You Make Me"
Used: Audacity(chopping) & LMMS (sequencing)
Notes: drums from "Maybe It's Because You're Lonely" by The Stylistics, and some voice bits from "Reggins Hanging On In There As Be" from the Sweetback album.

The Jake's Flip "Groove"
Used: Garage Band

Leck's Flip "Let Me Know You're Here"
Used: Fruity Loops

Prince Will's Flip "Oh Yea"
Used: Acoustica mp3 mixer and FL Studio 4

Unorthodox' Flip "A Brick Upside Your Head"
Used: MPC 1000

King AdBeck's Flip "What's The Groove"
Used: Acid 6.0

Avant Chord's Flip "I Grooved It For Her"
Used: Fruity Loops & Cool Edit

Jekai-Soulspeak's Flip "Baby Mama"
Used: MPC 2000 & Garage Band

Silence DoGood's Flip "Eye Know Your Hear"
Used: Ableton Live & Reason

Arch Beatz' Flip "Boombull"
Used: FL Studio & Audition

B Logik's Flip "Hood Hop"
Used: Acid 6

CZA's Flip "Heart Of The Filthy (Rich That Is!)"
Used: Reason 3.5

Hes Hers' Flip "All Night Long (I Hook A Beat Up)"
Used: Goldwave, Fruity Loops & God's Love

Beats By The Pound's Flip "Eye Just"
Used: Fruityloops

C Royal's Flip "Untitled"
Used: Fruityloops

DJ Swann's Flip "Some People"
Used: Fruityloops, VST used OhmBoyz 1.45, Sony Sound Forge 8.0 (For Chopping)

Radiotehnika Beatz' Flip "Ms Groovy"
Used: Fruit Loop 7 & Audacity

Newstar Productionz' Flip
Used: Fruit Loops

All of the beats in one sexy package!!

And now for our panels thoughts:
Andrew's Thoughts:
First of all, my bad about last week. I had some stuff to attend to, and I forgot to post up some thoughts. Secondly, there were like ten million beats sent in this week. Keep up the good work to all who sent it, and we'll keep trying to do what we do.
I liked this sample the best so far out of the three, and after sitting and digesting all the beats, here's what I came up with:
1. He Hers - Quality work. Way to go.
2. B Logik - Vocal sample was excellent, this guy is gonna be getting calls from major rappers pretty soon I'm sure.
3. King Adbeck - let the horns fly!
4. Leck
5. Prince Will
6. Army of the Dancebots (still an awesome name)
7. CZA
8. Jaymo
9. Primus Maximus
10. Arch Beatz

Real quick: I'm sorry for not saying much, I'm gonna right the ship next week. Promise.

Eric's Thoughts:

King E's Thoughts:

Max's Thoughts:
I liked this week's source material the best so far, and apparently so did a lot of you, since there were twenty-three beats sent to me, and there were some really fucking choice cuts here. Here's a top ten, which is arbitrary anyway since numbers two through ten are really all on the same plane, as far as I'm concerned.

1. B Logik - a great use of the source material; just tell me that this doesn't sound like something from Shawn Carter's next album. Hell, I'll even accept Freeway's at thi spoint. I'm pretty sure that B Logik is a ringer, someone that has actually produced for established artists for quite some time, but just loves the spirit of competition. But I could be wrong.
2. Straight Out The Congo - just a good chilled-out beat, which would probably sound even better if I were stoned, but good nonetheless.
3. CZA - this instrumental sounds better than all of 4th Disciple's Killarmy beats that I heard last night.
4. Suicide Music Limited - this sparse beat probably would have sounded perfect on Busta Rhymes's second album. This is not a bad thing.
5. Army of Dancebots - Very good, sounds as if it would appear on your favorite backpacker's third album.
6. Leck - very very nice. Blueprint-esque.
7. PSY/OPSogist - some straight-up blaxploitation shit. Good work.
8. Newstar Productionz - a much darker sound than the rest, but it fucking works.
9. Arch Beatz - Although the looped vocal sample annoyed the shit out of me, I appreciated the attempt, and I liked where I thought it was going.
10. King AdBeck - Personally I thought it got a bit repetitve, but I liked it anyway.

Thanks for everyone's contributions. I have to go see a man about a horse.
Mike's Thoughts:

Travis' Thoughts:

Alright, I'm going to try this again after my work disappeared that I was working on yesterday. I heard some complaining about the sample source, but I was actually looking forward to it. I do realize there wasn't much variety in ways to flip it, so creativity was highly valued when I was listening to this weeks submissions. There was a group of about six or seven submissions that all kind of sounded the same. Understandable I guess. My top two picks were just heads and shoulders above everyone else, in my humble opinion. Then 3-14 were all very good efforts. I can gladly say though, I didn't really think there was a bad beat in this whole batch. Here are my top 10 picks for this week.

1. He's Hers - As I said, creativity was something I valued this week and this sounded unique as they came. The string sample was amazing as was the way he tweaked the horn samples. I don't look at the popular vote until I have my top 10 finalized, so it was kind cool to see this running away with the public vote this week.

2. King AdBeck - I'm digging how dude "spiced" this up. Again, very creative. I thought the bassline was a nice addition and the part he sampled from the song was the same part that I would have used if I had any production talent what so ever.

3. B Logik - Dude is the most consistent producer so far as he has placed high the first three weeks. This beat was probably the most solid as far as a "rhyming beat" goes, meaning I could see someone rhyming over this the easiest. Another dope beat from the man who is starting to rule this competition.

4. PSY/OPSogist - I had to chuckle at the intro. Nice touch. I was feeling the mood of this beat. The loop was excellent, but I had a little problem with the "hook" part of the beat. I didn't think it fit, but the rest of the beat was so solid that it still rated pretty high.

5. Leck - This sounded like some Wu-Tang shit to me, hell it was better than 90% of the stuff I've heard RZA do lately. I was digging this, simple, but sweet.

6. Straight Out The Congo - This cat stood out to me last week, so it was good to hear him submit another strong beat. Nice use of the sample source. The strings were the highlite of this beat as I was nodding a long with it. The only thing I can fault it much was I wasn't feeling the drums all that much.

7. Prince Will - Another contestant I had in my top 10 last week. This beat conveyed a mood really well. Most of the beats were all more upbeat, but this one did a good job at really making that mood while listening to it. Make sense? Probably not, but I was diggin it.

8. Suicide Music Limited - I liked his use of the vocal sample and how he incorporated that into the whole beat. The way he used the horns was dope as well. Strong first showing

9. Jaymo - Jaymo came with a more mellow beat, which I appreciate the tweak on the mood when so many people went the upbeat route. It was fun to close my eyes and just get lost in this beat. Nothing is really outstanding, but everything is good about this beat. Solid effort.

10. Unorthodox - Another simple but effective beat. The drums on this one really stood out, the strings were nicely done from the sample. A head nodder for sure.

Tune in next week when we use:
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