Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week Five: The Flips

Last weeks sample source was:

Stelvio Cipriani - Cani Arrabbiati (Opening Title)

Salt - Hung Up

Generously donated by Mr. Mass

First, my man PSY/OPSogist wins this week. Big up dunny!!
This week only had 8 entries. Perhaps you are scared? One of the main reasons for doing this, besides the babes, booze, bud, and bank, was to try shit I normally wouldn't. Y'all should too.
And now for the bad news guys (and gals perhaps), I’m putting this joint on hold for a week. I want to finish up the website and get that thing correct and I have a lot of other shit to do, so I just wanted to take a break and make it right. If you have any questions or comments let me know and otherwise I’ll see you in a week.
And again, If you know any good places for tips and techniques for recording/sampeling/mixing/autofellatio, let me know.

And now for the beats...

music player
I made this music player at

Don't forget Swann's late ass beat which I can't get onto the player for some reason.

And Also, don't forget Ronin's tardy addition

B Logik's Flip "Dipset"
Used: Dipset

HaBlack's Flip "Mmm Salty"
Used: MPC1000 & 808 Boom

LR Hook's Flip "Evil Lurks"
Used: FL Studio 6 & Audition

Primus Maximus' Flip "I Reminisce... Emu SP-1200(88)"
Used: FL Studio 7.0.0

PSY/OPSogist's Flip "SLY opps OH jist"
Used: Reason & Ableton Live

Silence DoGood's Flip "Unpinnable"
Used: Ableton Live & Reason

Small Rob's Flip
Used: Fruity Loops 7 & Adobe Audition 3.0

Treebeats' Flip "Mrs Dash Brakes For Douches"
Used: Sound Forge 9(for chopping and EQing) & Acid 6(for the rest)

Unorthodox's Flip "Ninjas Versus Zombies"
Used: MPC 1000
DJ Swann's Flip "Salvia Circus"
Used: MPC 1000

Ronin Beatsmith the 6.4th Wonder's Flip "High Sodium"
Used: Some Stuff

All of the beats in one sexy package!!

And now for our panels thoughts:

Andrew's Thoughts:

Eric's Thoughts:

King E's Thoughts:

Max's Thoughts:
I don't know the regular beat contributors just simply got lazy last week, or if maybe they thought the songs chosen for the week sucked (I know I sure thought that), or maybe it's the fifteen entry limit that threw everyone off. While I have faith that some sort of happy medium will be reached soon, what we're left with are only ten fucking entries, six for the Italian joint and the remaining four sampling that Salt song. As such, not a lot to choose from, so I'll forego the top ten, because really, what's the point?

In regard to the Cipriani flips, LR Hook's take on the subject takes the cake, eats it, and shits all over everyone else (at least in my humble opinion), with the type of uber-sinister sound that I wasn't expecting to hear at all. PSY/OPSogist also gets a nod, especially since the first half of his contribution sounds like I'm on safari in fucking Brooklyn; B Logik, semi-professional producer extraordinaire, gets the third spot for being consistently, um, consistent with his work.

In regard to Salt's song, I only really liked one of the entries, so my accolades go to Primus Maximus for making the sample sound bearable (I really didn't like this song). But overall, the Italian sounds trump all four of the Salt flips anyway.

I have to go see a horse about a man. Until next time, kids.

Mike's Thoughts:

Travis' Thoughts:

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army of dancebots said...

hey, fellas.

been busy with a friend ripping off quasimoto with massively horrible results:

i didnt make a beat since i usually make them in friday/saturday...and i assumed by then all 15 entries would be filled. i assumed wrong. :-/